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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we have a Store? 
    No. We are Mumbai based online silver jewelry store.

  2. Do we customise? 
    Yes, we do customise. And if you have your own designs, we can make it after assessment and approval of the customer. Such orders will be taken only after payment of advance. You cab email us at or Whatsapp Us on +919867254775 with your specific design. Delivery timelines will be provided after the approval process. 

  3. Why is the product you received slightly different in color than in the image shown on the website?

    We shoot our products in natural light and ensure that the colors are projected as close to the original.

    But every screen setting is different, and you may not see the same hues of colors.

    Also, most of  our products are handcrafted. So slight difference are natural and cannot be considered as manufacturing error.

    Also when we use natural and semi precious stones they will come with their own irregularities which again cannot be considered as a defect.

  4. Will we get the same design again?
    Yes and No.
    Most of our pieces are one offs and unique, so its difficult to get the exact same piece again. We may have similar pieces though.

  5. How do you know if the size of the product is correct? 
    Do check our size guide page for more details.

  6. Can you return a product if you do not like it? 
    We have easy 7 days return/exchange policy. Do read our Refund & Exchange page to know more.

     Do you have some doubts that we haven’t answered? 
     Please feel free to write to us at

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