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RishiRich Jewels offer a three (3) month manufacturers warranty with every piece from the date of purchase.

Our jewelry is of delicate nature and care must be taken when worn. It is important to follow the Care Instructions for your warranty to be applicable. *Proof of purchase must be retained for warranty to be valid.


Warranty covers manufacturing defects however does not cover neglect and wear & tear or lost items.

The warranty is void if:
  • an item is bent
  • engraved
  • accidental damage has occurred
  • has come in contact with a foreign substance which includes hand sanitizer, soap, cleaning products, skin creams or perfume.
Scratches are not considered a manufacturing defect meaning it is not covered under warranty as they occur from everyday wear. Metals which are exposed to a foreign substance or an acidic skin types will discolor much faster if care is not taken. Discoloration therefore is not covered under warranty.


It is at our discretion whether the faulty product will be replaced.
For more information please contact Silver Support on
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